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  • What are the categories serviced by MOCD?

    The MOCD serves all groups of society with special needs, including, but not limited to, those with disabilities, the elderly, youth, women, orphans, families and children.

  • Are you required to log into the website?

    Registration on the MOCD website is optional. In case of registration on the Ministry's website, the user of the site will benefit from the features on his page.

  • Is a resident of the UAE eligible to apply for obtaining the cards of people with determination?

    Yes; the resident of the UAE is eligible to apply for obtaining the cards of people with determination.

  • Is there a fee imposed to get a new card of people with determination?

    There is no fee imposed to get the cards of persons with disabilities.

  • Can I track the status of any electronic application through the website?

    Yes; it is done by using the page of each user after the electronic registration is completed.

  • What are the kinds of products available in "Alsanaa" application?

    Heritage books, night products, household utensils, cosmetics, traditional clothing, figurines, traditional figures, heritage products, accessories and frames.

  • How can I get a product from "Alsanaa: application?

    Please visit the website of "Alsanaa" service and choose the products you want to buy by pressing the product and choose the appropriate size and quantity and then click on "Add to cart".

  • What is "Eadad" Program ?

    "Eadad" program has been prepared for the rehabilitation of those who are coming to marriage to build a safe and stable family which is mandatory for young people who are married, beneficiaries and wives. It is also available to all applicants to obtain this program from various parties, including married couples.

  • Can I Modify or Update my personal Data online?

    Yes, you can modify or update your personal data by following the steps. Click here 

  • What are the steps to register in MOCD Website?

    Click Here and Follow the steps

  • Can the country residents apply for membership in a productive family?

    No, as this service is provided to UAE Families following to this categories:- Low income Families - People of Determination - Families granted social security

  • How can I participate in "Eadad" Program?

    You can get the service in the following cases:

    1. Fulfill the conditions for obtaining the marriage grant.
    2. Those interested in participating in your online courses can use the smart applications and the available means of communication.
  • What are the means of communication available to inquire about the services provided and submit proposals to the Ministry?

    • Free Number: 800623
    • Website-contact us:
    • Communicate through my government portal
    • Communicate through the Ministry's accounts on social media tools @MOCD.

  • Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

    Click here to download the code of ethics and professional conduct

  • How can I apply for a career?

    By visiting e-careers page and apply for a suitable career.

  • What are the smart Apps that belong to MOCD?

  • Is the information on website about people of determination (people with special needs) categories are clear and sufficient? Is the available information is according to World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) for disabled people?

    Ministry of  Community Development is committed to its responsibility to society to achieve the UAE Vision 2021 to build a ‘A coherent and responsible society to involve in Community Development” and to provide efforts to involve all people with different disabilities ( (physical Disability, Hearing Impairment, Visual Impairment, Multiple Disability, Deaf-Blind Disability, Intellectual Disability, Specific Learning Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention Deficit and Hyperactive Disorder of UAE citizens and residents) in effective programmes and initiatives that are launched according to well thought-out plans and strategies that are compatible with best international standards and also our website and smart apps are accessible by people with disabilities and its  following the standards of World Wide Web Consortium W3C web standards.

  • Is the official website contains information about the education for people of determination (people with special needs)

    The term special education describes the programs and services designed for people of determination (people with special needs) in order to ensure that all students can reach their full potential. The term 'special educational needs' is used to describe the educational needs of any one with a disability, disorder, difficulty, impairment, exceptionality or any other factor that may affect a student's access to learning and educational performance. 

    The government of the UAE strongly supports education and learning services for people of determination. In November 2006, the UAE signed the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and Optional Protocol. In 2008, Ministry of Community Development launched an initiative to integrate people of determination in the government education system. The initiative which was launched under the slogan ‘School of All’ and adopted by Ministry of Education was a major step towards the social integration of the disabled and their involvement in the development process. Dozens of disabled people continue their education, many of whom have graduated from higher education and some received their PhDs.

    The National Project for Inclusion of People with Special Needs which was launched in 2008 under the slogan ‘Our Life is in Our Integration’, emphasizes on providing the necessary environment and facilities for people of determination in order to facilitate their practical access to the educational system. After receiving an overwhelming response from the participants in other emirates, the project expanded to the rest of the UAE, underscoring the importance of the community role and partnership in achieving excellence.

    Equal opportunities

    MoE offers several training programmes and facilities targeting children of determination, their parents and kindergarten teachers. Programmes include guidance for dealing with people with visual and hearing disabilities, talent identification programmes, getting familiar with sign language for the deaf and handling speech and language disorders in kindergarten-going children.

    Centres for people of determination 

    There are many government and private organizations, centers and clubs that provide training and rehabilitation to people of determination (people with special needs). Ministry of Community Development is responsible for issuing licenses to private organizations and centers working in the field of care, education and training of people of determination. Refer to the services provided by Ministry of Community Development for people of determination.

  • Is there any information on website about the healthcare and is it easy to reach?

    The Government has provided all plans to provide care to disabled people, and each disabled person
    Citizens have the right to benefit from health services and support services. Federal Law No. 29 of 2006 Concerning the Rights of People with Special Needs protects the rights of people of determination (people with special needs) and guarantees them the right to live with dignity.

    Article 2 of the law provides: A person's special needs shall not be a reason to deprive him/her of their rights and services especially in welfare as well as social, economic, health, educational, professional, cultural and leisure services.

    Ministry of Health and Prevention issues disability assessment report and accredits medical reports of people of determination.

    The Department of Health - Abu Dhabi provides assesses the mental status and work fitness level for people of determination.

    In the emirate of Abu Dhabi, if there is a medical emergency for people of determination, you can get help by sending an SMS to 5999. You are required to send information about the incident, location of the patient and a phone number on which the police can contact you.

  • Is there any information on the website about the Early childhood intervention?

    Early childhood intervention is a support and educational system for very young children who have been victims of, or who are at high risk for child abuse and/or neglect as well as children who have developmental delays or disabilities. Ministry of Community Development has two initiatives: Tawasul and Nemo for childcare. The Tawasul initiative aims at creating a means of communications with the children with autism and children who have problems communicating . Nemo, which is an upgraded version of Smart Growth for Early Childhood, aims at early detection of undernourished children under the age of five years. The benefits of the initiatives can be availed through the MOCD app available on iTunes and Android. 

  • Is there any information on the website about government services that available for different types of disability?

    Type of Disability

    Government Service Provided

    physical Disability

    Adaptations to physical environment such as level service

    • Ramps
    • Lifts with ample space for the movement of wheelchairs.
    • push pads to open doors
    • low level counter tops
    • appropriate door width
    • exempt people in need from any government fees

    Hearing Impairment

    • Sign language dictionary
    • Video recording for deaf people on website
    • CCTV for hearing-impaired persons
    • Create a character on website who explain to deaf people in sign language
    • exempt people in need from any government fees
    • Installation of audio-visual cautionary signs upon opening & closing of platform screen doors.
    • for more services click here 

    Visual Impairment

    • guide in Braille
    • exempt people in need from any government fees
    • Tactile floor paths to guide visually-impaired persons at rail stations
    • Audio notices for visually-impaired persons.

  • Is the website provide information about transportation for people of determination (special needs)?

    The UAE provides access to safe, affordable, accessible and sustainable transport systems for people of determination (special needs). For example, in Abu Dhabi In Abu Dhabi city, public parking spaces, pavements, walkways, pedestrian underpasses and overbridges, entrances of buildings and other public facilities are increasingly becoming friendly for the people of determination to meet their mobility needs.

    Abu Dhabi Government offers the people of determination subsidised fares at different modes of public transportation. They are also eligible for free unlimited travel on all buses in the Abu Dhabi city and its suburbs using the Hafilat smart card.

    Abu Dhabi Police provides people of determination with special permits to park in the designated parking spaces available in public parking areas and exempts them from Mawaqif parking fees. Those who park illegally at spaces reserved for vehicles of people of determination will get a fine of AED 1,000. Click here 

    Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in the emirate of Dubai offers integrated services tailored for people of determination at all facilities and stations provided by RTA’s agencies and sectors. The people of determination are exempt from paying Salik toll on one vehicle and such exemption can be renewed every year. In addition, RTA provides dedicated parking spaces for the people of determination.

    Dubai Taxi Corporation operates taxis to meet the needs of the people of determination 24 hours a day covering all areas of the emirate and driven by well-trained drivers. These vehicles are fitted with special lifts for the wheelchairs, artificial respiratory systems, a wheelchair on board and seats for the companions. 

    People of determination with personalised NOL cards can use Dubai Metro and public buses in the Dubai city for free. Metro stations in Dubai are featured with:

    • tactile floor paths to guide visually-impaired persons at the stations
    • CCTV for hearing-impaired persons
    • audio notices for visually-impaired persons
    • stations are provided with escalators fitted with side hand rests stretching along the rail
    • dedicated parking for people of determination near the station’s entrances
    • automatic doors to ease the entry and exit process
    • designated space for a wheel chair in each carriage, located in close proximity to the door.

    The public buses of Dubai are provided with all means of comfort and accessibility for the people of determination.

    Marine transport stations and water-buses have been designed to be user-friendly for them, as well. LCD monitors are available to provide information about water-bus and safety procedures. Suitable spaces have been provided for two wheelchairs on Dubai Ferry. 

    The ID card for people of determination issued by the Ministry of Community Development offers many facilities and benefits in transport sector and others. 

  • IS there any information provide support to person in disability in government services?

    The UAE refers to the people with special needs or disabilities as ‘people of determination’ in recognition of their achievements in different fields. This page provides information about how people of determination are protected and empowered through services and facilities in the areas of education, health, jobs and more.

  • Is there any information about a service or call center that support sign language?

    The Ministry of community development enabled people of determination (deaf disability) to record his inquiry in video and the answer will be sent to him video

  • What is the working hours of the ministry?

    Monday to Thursday: from 7:30 AM until 3:30 PM

    Friday: from  7:30 AM until 12:00 PM

  • What are the communication channels available to inquire about the services provided and to submit proposals to the Ministry?

    TOLLFREE 800623

    Website - Contact Us

    Communicate through the portal Tawasul

    Communicate through the Ministry's accounts on social media tools @MOCD

People of Determination

  • What is the card of the people of determination (disable people ) and kind of services it offers?

    Card of people of determination is a personal card issued by Ministry of Community Development to people of determination. It is considered to be an official document indicating that the holder is disabled to ensure the rights and services established in the Federal Persons with Disabilities Law No. 29 of 2006 and the regulations and decisions issued in implementation thereof.

  • What are Autism Signs?

    Initial signs of Autism begin to emerge during the child’s first year. In most cases, parents often notice a delay in some development skills between 15 to 18 months. In general, Autism diagnostic signs are visible to the child before his third year, in the communication development, social or behavioural fields.

  • Is There a Certain or a Suitable Rehabilitation Method for Autism?

    There is no specific rehabilitation method than can be adopted to develop the abilities of Autistic children but experts in this field emphasize the importance of integrated treatment methods such as linguistic, behavioral and functional treatment. These treatments enable Autistic children to adapt with their surrounding environment, the importance of early intervention in enabling these methods to have a positive impact at an early stage of the child’s age.

  • What is Autism?

    Autism or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is not a disease, but a complex developmental disorder associated with symptoms of social and communication difficulties, narrow or overly-focused interests, self-stimulatory and repetitive behaviors. Autism may be accompanied by mental disability or difficulties in communication or interaction behaviors. Some autistic categories may have unusually developed talents such as visual, musical mathematical or artistic skills.

    Autism has its roots in very early stages of brain development. However, the most obvious signs and symptoms of Autism emerge between 12 to 18 months. Some infants and toddlers who begin their normal development until two years old start losing their skills later and relapse into Autism.

  • Is There Any Treatment for Autism?

    As long as the causes of Autism are not fully known, then full treatment is not fully confirmed till now but rehabilitation programs can be offered to reduce the effects of Autism, increase the child’s adaptability with his surrounding environment, and develop his communication, social, behavioral and independent skills.  

  • What Causes Autism?

    The causes of Autism are still uncertain, especially since there is no specific cause and no specific type of Autism. But recently several studies have addressed so many rare genetic factors associated with this disorder, especially when combined with environmental factors affecting the early development of the brain.

  • Can a Person with Autism Live Independently?

    Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) symptoms differ from one person to another, they are wide-ranged and are broad and intense, children who have potential skills can be developed through early intervention, intensive rehabilitation and family follow-up, these help the child to be self-reliant and carry out the skills of his daily life easily.

  • Can Autism Children be Included in Public Schools?

    Inclusion depends on the child’s possessed skills such as communication, social and behavioral skills, in addition, to the early intervention he received during his first years that may support his inclusion to public schools smoothly. This is considered a successful element for Autistic children with high performance.

    However, this is not easy for the rest of Autism children, who need different learning methods than their peers, this requires certain educational capabilities in schools that may be adequate to the capabilities of these children. The purpose is to ensure the inclusion process and guarantee that they do not drop out from schools at their early learning stages. Autism Rehabilitation Centers are a successful choice for these children due to the availability of adequate support and rehabilitation methods and qualified specialists.

  • Are Vaccinations Responsible for Autism?

    Over the past two decades, several studies have been conducted in this regard and have proven there is no relation between these vaccinations and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

  • What is the difference between Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Mental Disability?

    People with mental disabilities have significant mental impairment and low level of adaptive behavior, therefore, their mental age is lower than their actual age.  Autism children sometimes have disparity in their skills; at times we see a lower skill than that of their peers, yet another skill may be at the normal level or higher for Autism cases of higher performance.

  • I Doubt that My son has Autism, what do I do?

    The initial symptoms of Autism appear before the age of three in the form of delayed communication and social skills or behaviors that are not appropriate for the age. Other disorders may be associated with Autism or similar to it, such as attention deficit disorder, hyper activity, communication disorder and social media disorder.

    As an initial stage, you can conduct a preliminary survey of your child’s abilities through free of charge application known as “Nomau-Growth” for the Ministry of Community Development at AppStore.

    If you continue to have concerns or fears of your child’s development, you have to communicate with the specialists in the People with Determination Rehabilitation Centers for the child’s comprehensive assessment by the psychological, language and speech specialist, occupational therapy specialist, special education specialist, or other specialists in child development, in order to set up an appropriate rehabilitation program for your child in the case of confirmed developmental disorders.

  • What are the conditions for obtaining a card for people with determination?

    • Must be a UAE national or resident of the UAE
    • To be diagnosed by an official medical or psychological authority and approved by the Department of Care and Rehabilitation of People of Determination
    • The existence of medical or psychological reports proving the existence of the disability in terms of its type and severity, and the tools or assistive devices to be used
    • The applicant should be of the following categories (mental, auditory, visual, physical, autistic, multiple):
    • Note: (if the report is more than a page attached in a pdf file or word document)

  • What are the categories entitled to the card of the people of determination in the event of diseases and not a disability?

    It Will be diagnosed by the Medical Committee 

  • What are the ages eligible to own the card?

    It will be defined by the Medical Committee 

  • What are the required documents to ably for people of determination card?

    • Passport Copy
    • Copy of ID and GCC citizens and valid residency for residents 6 months and above
    • medical (physical and sensory disabilities) and psychological (mental disabilities and autism) report from an official authority accredited to the existence of disability
    • Personal photo with white background

  • What is the validity period?

    • UAE Citizens : 5 years
    • Residents: expires with the residence visa expiry 
  • Within how many days POD card is received?

    Within 10 working days upon the submission of the application in case the applicant fulfill the documents

  • Where can I get these services?

    Government, local and private centers

  • What are the Approved entities that diagnose the disability ?

    • Approved government hospitals
    • People of determination centers affiliated to local centers
    • Zayed Higher Organization for Humanitarian Care
    • Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services
    • People of Determination  Governmental Centers
  • Do you accept medical reports from private hospitals?

    No, we accept only reports issued from government hospitals

  • How to submit missing documents or additional documents or make an appointment?

    You can send the missing or additional documents via this email

  • How to receive the new and renewed card owners?

    By courier delivery company

  • What are the services provided by the Ministry to the people of determination?

    • Psychological educational evaluation and social counseling for disability cases
    • Diagnosis, assessment and treatment in the area of supportive therapeutic services such as language, speech, physiotherapy and functional therapy
    • Individual special education programs based on the real needs of the disabled
    • Social program to promote social development and integration
    • Psychological counseling programs that include family and behavior modification programs
    • Vocational Rehabilitation Programs
    • Recreational, recreational and sports programs and extracurricular activities
    • Licensing and supervising special centers for the disabled