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Proactive Services


Expecting and forecasting the services that the customer will need based on his needs, preferences and life events, and based on data, information and documents known to the government, and proposing them to him in a timely manner.

Services provided by the Ministry of Community Development

  • Renewal of the People of Determination card

    People of Determination card will be automatically renewed upon its expiry date, and it will be delivered to the beneficiary via courier company

  • Usrati platform 

    Usrati platform is a proactive government program affiliated with the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, Customs and Port Security, and developed by the Communications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority in cooperation with different federal and local authorities. It is the first of its kind and aims to provide a wide range of family services in a proactive manner within the framework of establishing their families and in a way that supports education and ensures the family’s needs. The Ministry of Community Development participates in a range of proactive services provided to the family, such as marriage grants. To visit the Platform: Click Here


    A volunteering social initiative to communicate with senior citizens in the UAE who are registered in the National Volunteering Platform (

    Goals :
    1. Achieve a kind of social interaction in the current health conditions that impose social distancing.
    2. Identify and meet the needs of senior citizens by the Ministry of Community Development or in partnership with various official authorities.
    3. Bring together different generations to convey the experiences of senior citizens.
    4. Promote volunteering and community service, and instill noble values among the members of the community.
    5. Add a humanitarian/social/volunteering gesture that breaks down the daily routine and isolation in social spacing.