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Digital Participation Policy

The objectives:

The digital participation policy aims to enhance communication and stimulate interaction with users through social media platforms and applications, with the goal of achieving the highest levels of user satisfaction. This is done by making users an active part in decision-making and service development, contributing to building and enhancing trust from the user's perspective.

The Scope of the Digital Participation Policy:

The digital participation policy includes all interactive digital channels through available digital participation tools, such as:


All relevant categories include individuals, as well as governmental entities, organizations, private companies, and other institutions.

Supervision Policy (Guidelines for Participation):

The MOCD welcomes you so that you can post comments and opinions here, and your interventions will be appreciated, and we will take them into account as an important reference in discussing the improvements and developments of our services.

While the MOCD welcomes any comments and free interventions on this platform, it has the full right to prevent the appearance of any content that may be:

  • Security threats.

  • Including inappropriate language.

  • Violating the privacy of others or offensive to others.

  • Violating the local laws.

  • Improper, obscene or defamatory.

  • Including spam or promoting trade.

  • Interpreted as prejudicial or prejudicial to any part of society on the basis of race, color, nationality, religion or status and the like.

  • Including group or political discussions.

  • Violation of intellectual property rights.

  • Failure to comply with this policy can result in the participant being withheld.

Responce and Evaluation Mechansims:

  • Sorting and evaluating responses in accordance with the ministry's needs and general policies, aiming to select the most important and recurring responses.

  • Defining the responsibilities of digital participation to monitor contributions and provide appropriate responses.

  • Publishing a summary of participating comments and responding to each to enhance interaction and achieve effective communication with users.

  • Activating a content rating system based on the usefulness and quality of contributions.

  • Commitment to regular review of the digital participation policy, which includes reviewing supervision policy for responses and interactions with contributions.

Opportunities for Digital Participation:

Digital participation opportunities are regularly published and updated across all available communication channels to enhance digital participation opportunities and attract the attention of stakeholders.