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UAE Government is interested in consulting its public on various matters that concern them. In this section, Ministry of Community Development posts its advices to collect as many opinions as possible, then analyzes and uses such opinions as inputs to take the decisions that concern the customers, the matter which contributes to enhancing their satisfaction and happiness.

We are pleased to be our partner in making decisions about services and policies in the Ministry of Community Development.

Current Consultations

Community Statisfaction Survey on the Senior Citezens Protection Law


Future Consultations

Share Your Opinion About the law regulating the course of woreship for Non Musilms        View

Closed Consultations

 Visitor Survey on 971 Pavilion at Global Village Season 2023-2024View
Public Consultation on reporting Abuse from Domestic ViolenceView
Identifying the Preferred Channel for the Owners of Productive Families Businesses to Market ProductsView
Public Consultation on the Awaerness of Community Members About Donations Regulatory LawView
Public Consultation on the "Eddad" Program in Contributing to Supporting Familyu Financial PlanningView View 
ٍSenior CitizensView
Advice about most important  challenges facing parents and children to foster positive relationships among them   View
advice about the importance of the role of family counceling centers in reducing divorce cases in the UAE SocietyView
Social Media AdviceView
Advice About Provided services Through the Ministry's WebsiteView 
Advice on  completing marriage without any wedding ceremonies during COVID 19 View
Public knowledge and awareness about mServices and eServices of Ministry of Community Development
Improve the services provided to people of determination (disabled people)view
Improving services provided to senior emiratis (elderly) within "we will transport you safely"View
Advices to Support Young People to start a happy and stable family

advice on providing integrated services for people of determination on a national online platform