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Ministry in Brief

The Ministry of Community Development seeks to accelerate social development in the UAE and implement the objectives and directions of the National Agenda to enhance community cohesion, and adopt strategies and plans, foreseeing the next fifty years, aiming to achieve the targeted aspirations of the UAE Centennial 2071, based on its vision "A happy and cohesive community enjoying wellbeing in a pioneering and innovative system" which reflects the visionary leadership and the future of the government towards a happy society.


The Ministry's programs and initiatives target all categories of the society, focusing on children's rights, empowering productive families, inclusion of People of Determination in the community, promoting the stability of the Emirati family, and strengthening ties between members of the society, through constant innovation with the aim of providing advanced services according to the highest international standards in quality, efficiency, and transparency.


The Ministry provides proactive and digital services that target all customers, with maximum outreach wherever they are, in order to accelerate social development in the UAE and strengthen partnership and collaboration between public and private sectors, with the aim of consolidating the culture of social responsibility, transiting from social welfare to social development and empowerment with firm and solid foundations.


A happy and cohesive society that enjoys well-being in a pioneering and innovative system.


Promoting positive citizenship in a more cohesive society, through enabling policies, innovative services, and quality partnerships that contribute to supporting the competitiveness of the social sector and achieving the wellbeing of community members.


o Organizational values

o Professionalism and responsibility

o Innovation, proactivity and flexibility

o Excellence

o Social values

o Social Responsibility

o Tolerance and cohesion

o Inclusiveness and equality

Strategic Objectives:

  • Stimulate positive citizenship and consolidate the culture of giving and volunteering
  • Enhance wellbeing and promote comprehensive social protection for all the members of the community
  • Empower the community and promote a culture of responsibility and self-reliance
  • Strengthen equality, inclusiveness and cohesion within families and communities
  • Consolidate the social sector as a leading sector with advanced and future-oriented capabilities
  • Launch proactive and innovative policies and services that respond to the needs of the community and variables of the social sector
  • Stimulate the participation of local and private sectors, as well as NGO sectors at social and international levels in community development
  • Drive UAE’s social research and thought leadership in the social sector and empower effective decision-making