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Customer Happiness Charter

The MOCD is keen to provide distinguished services that achieve customer satisfaction and exceed their expectations.

Our obligations towards you are as follows:

  • We will deal with you with interest, respect and display.
  • You will receive a distinct and fair service.
  • We will handle your needs professionally and do our utmost to meet them.
  • We will provide our services through a knowledgeable, knowledgeable staff who understands your needs and can answer your queries.
  • We will provide you with the requirements of each service and the dates of delivery.
  • We will respond to your requests in a timely manner and without delay.
  • We will reduce the number of procedures to provide you fast and chain service.
  • We will provide you with accurate information and proper service procedures.
  • We will provide service at times and through channels that suit you as much as possible.
  • We welcome your comments and suggestions to share with you the development of our services.

What we want you to provide a distinct service to you:

  • Appreciate the efforts of our staff at your service to deal with them with mutual respect.
  • Provide identification papers as required.
  • Processing the documents required in advance to complete the transaction.
  • Let us know as soon as possible if there is an error or modification in the data.
  • Notify us of any change in personal information or conditions relating to the completion of the service.
  • Respond to customer service team inquiries to serve you better and on time.